Well, that’s the way everything starts in nerd-land, right, with writing a “Hello, world!”? Despite the fact that this isn’t a program, I figured I might as well do the same.

As you can probably tell from the URL, I’m Roger Klorese (pronounced “claw-REESE”), and I’m not sure what else to say. I’m a techie – product manager, specifically by trade, queer, somewhat kinky, into a wide range of theatrical, musical, and literary interests, pretty political, further left than most (though an establishment troglodyte to some)… more detail will reveal itself as we go. I’ll write about lots of stuff here in all these areas (though I may merge my other theatre blog into this one if this starts off well).

So rather than prolong the introduction, I’ll just rock on with some posting. stick around.

By Roger Klorese

In my sixties. Tech. Queer. Married. Two puppy kids. theatrical. Musical. Political. Judaical.

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